Perek Shira Song of Creation

Perek Shira Song of Creation
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Rebbi said: Anyone who involves himself in [the study of] Perek Shira in this world will merit to learn and teach Torah, safeguard, do and fulfill; retain his learning; be saved from the Yetzer Hara, misfortune, torments of the grave, judgment of Gehinnom and the birth-pangs of Mashiach; merit long life, and witness the days of Mashiach and life in the World to Come.

The Mabit writes that Perek Shira was written by David Hamelech after being humbled by a mere frog. Some ascribe it Shlomo Hamelech who understood the language and song of every being and member of creation.

Tremendous effort has gone into clarifying every nuance and explaining every song. Written by a son of the head of Ohr Somayach – Sandton, South Africa, in a concise and elucidated manner, this work extols and expands on the inspiration that each creation sings. You will surely be enlightened and inspired by its thematic approach and original thought.

It also contains a section entitled, “Living With Song,” to elaborate how we can incorporate their song into our lives, and includes an appendix which seeks to identify 10 of the creatures listed whose identities are uncertain.
Printed versions are available at cost price (in black and white or in color.)

Looking for a sponsor: The author would like to print this sefer and make it available in print for the public. Dedicate a printing for a loved one and help inspire others to “live with song.”

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