Ever wanted to learn Perek Shira or know what it’s all about?
This is the sefer you need!
Every being in Creation sings its praise to Hashem. The existence and behavior of every creature reveals another aspect of Hashem’s glory.
Carefully sourced, combining classic and contemporary commentaries with novel interpretations, and drawn from over 130 works, this sefer will help you understand what is unique about each and every being, and how their very existence implies and generates a song to Hashem.

Translation and Commentary

When did he live? What other sefarim did he write?
This small PDF packs in 1200 years of authors and their sefarim, listed according to their date of demise. An indispensable reference to easily find the name of every author, and the sefarim they wrote, from the Gaonim up to modern times.
Made for digital referencing with search capability.

Hebrew Bibliography